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Patrick Rivest Bunster

Co-owner of Arc Elite Inc.

He started archery at the age of 14. He has trained intensively in the last few years until reaching remarkable results to be substituted Olympic. Today, retired from the high level competition, he took over the most important archery shop in the Montreal region in association with his former coach Hugue Blier.

Viken Kayabalian

Experienced Archer who dominated the 3-D course in the late 80's and early 90's. In 2003, he was recruited by Cirque du Soleil to play the role of a master Archer in the production of the KÀ Show in Las Vegas. He trains the other artists who perform 160 shots at each performance.

Returning home in 2008, he returned to the shop as a technician and became a trainer at the Montreal Archery Club where he had many young Quebec and Canadian champions in compound bow.

Through his training in luxury car mechanics, he quickly demystifies the complexity of high-level firing mechanisms and techniques. His determination to discover the determinants of the success of a successful shot made him a critic and self-taught researcher eager for all the readings enabling him to confirm his observations.

William Manuel Soares

Computer Engineer.

He is currently studying computer science at the School of Computer Science, Commerce and Administration. He devotes himself full time to the administration and development of the shop on the Internet and benefits from a flexible schedule to reconcile work and study.


Hugue Blier

Co-owner of Arc Elite Inc.

He started archery at the age of eight. It was an immediate thunderbolt. He continued to shoot for 20 years, first at the provincial level and then at the Canadian level. Only one accident and one serious injury in another sport could stop him.

Eventually, he became Patrick's coach. Together they reached the national team and ranked second in Canada. Now that Patrick has retired from the competition, they have embarked on a new adventure: Arc Elite. This is a great opportunity for him to take advantage of his MBA and share his passion for archery.







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